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2016 Charleston Soil & Water Conservation District Annual Newsletter Report

2017 "Healthy SOILS Are Full of Life!"  Poster/Essay Contest Winners

2017 General Election Commissioner Results / Kathy Woolsey Resigns

2017 W. H. Hanvey, Jr. (Hal) takes Commissioner Oath of Office

USDA Emergency Watershed Protection Program Works for Charleston County

L-R Front Row:  Lori Bataller, NRCS District Conservationist; Debbie Eckard, District Manager & Education Coordinator; D. Hope Watson, Esq., Associate Commissioner.

L-R Back Row:  William S. Simpson, III, Chairman; Mickey Floyd, Treasurer; John Smoak, Vice-Chairman; and W. H. (Hal) Hanvey, Jr., Commissioner; and Not shown, Commissioner Ford Walpole. 

Board of Commissioners


District Commissioners

William S. Simpson, III - Chairman

John H. Smoak - Vice Chair

M. F. “Mickey” Floyd - Treasurer

Ford Walpole

W. H. Hanvey, Jr. (Hal)

Associate Commissioners 

Kathy Woolsey

D. Hope Watson, Esq.

Brian Celek


Emeritus Commissioners

William C. Kennerty

W.C. Gearty


Staff - District

Debbie Eckard, District Manager/Education Coordinator



Staff - USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

Lori Bataller, District Conservationist

Ann Bentley, Soil Conservation Technician

Colton McClendon, Soil Conservationist


Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old.


The Board of Commissioners is composed of five members.  They determine the needs and set the priorities for the conservation work in the District.  Two members are appointed by the SC Department of Natural Resources and three are elected in the general election. 


The  Board of Commissioners meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 pm. in the conference room of the USDA Service Center alocated at 2070 North Rivers Business Center, Ste. A-8, North Charleston, SC  29406


Our meetings are open to the public!



Preserve and enhance water quality, working farms, natural  areas, and wildlife through locally-led conservation efforts


About us

· Established by state law in 1937

· Parcel of state & national District program

· Five-member board of Commissioners

· State, County & Federal partnership

· Programs focus on soil & water



Programs & Projects

Stormwater Management—Water Quality & Quantity—Land Conservation Agreements—Responsible Development Practices—Wildlife Habitat Enhancement & Protection—Managing Invasive Plants & Animals Recycling—Litter Prevention—Agricultural Best Management Practices—Smart Fertilizer & PesticideApplication—Riparian & Roadway Buffers—Soil Conservation 


 · Legislative effortsParticipate in area, state, and national meetings to develop legislative priorities and recognize local conservation issues.  Advocate  for action in areas of concern to local representatives.

· EducationEngage local students in resource conservation through poster and essay contests, scholarships, awards, sponsorships, in-class programs and educational material.


· PartnershipsCollaborate with local, state, and federal resource professionals, creating a foundation of communication, knowledge, and capability.


· Technical & Citizen AssistanceWork with farmers and landowners to implement on the ground conservation practices through farm bill programs, dunes restoration, water quality grants, river conservation programs, flood management, aerial photography, GIS, buffers and fencing, and planting recommendations.


· Public OutreachPromote conservation activities in Charleston County through local exhibits, information  development & distribution, public presentations, career days, newsletters, and recognition awards.










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